Welcome to my blog.  I thought I would start a blog to help me along our journey to become parents. I haven’t decided whether I will let others know about this or if I will keep it more private as a diary for me.

So here’s a little background about us: My name is Lisa and my hubby is Tim. I am 32 and DH is 30. We were married on January 20, 2007. Soon after we got our little Boston Terrier, Demi which we love to pieces!

We started TTC in May 2011 so this cycle marks our 1 year of officially trying. It has been a long and hard year for us. I did happen to fall pregnant in September 2011 but it sadly ended in a miscarriage in November 2011 due to a Blighted Ovum – We found out at the Ultrasound looking for the heartbeat. I was given several doses of Cytotec to make my body miscarry. I am still dealing emotionally with it – this month marked the 6 month anniversary. I have hard days and I have good days.

I chart my BBT cycles and use OPK’s. For several months, I noticed on my charts that my Luteal Phase (LP) shorted from 13 before the miscarriage to 11 after the miscarriage. I gave my body 3 months to try to straighten itself out. But alas, it did not. I went to my OBGYN, which was of absolutely no help what so ever – even though she was awesome for the Miscarriage and everything in the past 5 years that I saw her. So I found a new OBGYN – Dr. H, and he diagnosed me with Luteal Phase Defect/Low Progesterone in February of 2012. So far, I have done one cycle of Prometrium (Progesterone) 200mg in my LP.  Then we did 1 cycle of 50mg Clomid  along with 200mg of Prometrium in my LP – that cycle my Progesterone level was only 13.4 – Dr. H likes to see >15 on a medicated cycle so my progesterone still didn’t raise with the 2 RX drugs. This current cycle, I am doing 100mg of Clomid along with 200mg of Prometrium in my LP. I get my P4 test done tomorrow @ 8dpo. I am honestly not feeling all that great about it again as my temp has dropped the past 2 days and is pretty close to my coverline. We will see what the level is at in a few days.

Here is a good reference explaining my infertility issue: http://www.inciid.org/printpage.php?cat=infertility101&id=7

Well, that should be about it for today as an intro. I’ll write more tomorrow.