Tim seemed to enjoy his Birthday last night. I made Chicken Cacciatori for dinner and a Carrot Cake for dessert. It turned out really nice and helped keep my mind off things. We tons of left overs so guess what we’ll be having for dinner.

Today is Friday! Hooray! Can’t wait for the weekend! And can’t wait to go to the beach next weekend – I really could use a nice & relaxing time away! Plus, it will be fun with friends.

My chart is looking pretty dismal. Another dropped temp today. I have to take a pregnancy test on Sunday – If it’s negative, which it most likely will be with my lack of symptoms then I can safely stop the Prometrium and AF will come shortly (hopefully) later. Last month it took like 5 days after stopping for her to arrive – which I have been a bit concerned about because alot of charts on Fertility Friend have girls get AF in like 2 days. I think it is because my Progesterone has been so low that I don’t get enough enough of a drop to force her to come if that makes sense.

Anyways, since I don’t know how long it’s going to take after stopping to get AF, I have a bit of a concern… This being – next week is a holiday week and the Dr.’s office is closed on Monday. I have to see Dr. H within the 1st 5 days for a cyst check – part of being monitored with the fertility drugs. At that time we discuss my levels, plan of action for the month and he writes my Clomid RX for me. But I need AF to NOT arrive on Friday and if she does then it has to be before 5pm so I can call and make an appt for Tuesday. Better yet, If she hasn’t shown by Friday then I will just call and make the appt anyways for Tuesday – she should def be around before then.

So I think we are going to go ahead and get Tim tested even though I am sure he is fine – it is more for piece of mind than anything. I have had him taking a Multi-vit, Vit. C & Vit. E for almost 5 months now so I really don’t think it’s him. Plus, we got PG once before. It’s most likely going to be a waste of money as I think things will be fine. Tim’s insurance through the school is most likely not going to cover this so this will be an straight out of pocket expense for us.

What else is new – my insurance sucks as well – I’ve already spent way more than $1,500 already for my appt’s, bloodwork, monitoring and meds due to infertility. At the next Appt with Dr. H I’m going to ask about getting a HSG done.  What is an HSG you ask? What they do is put a dye throughout girl parts and it will open up any tubes that may be blocked – they will be able to see everything internally on an X-Ray. I have heard only good things about them helping people conceive. Although, I have heard it can be quite painful if the tubes are indeed blocked.  Another draw back is that my insurance prolly won” cover this either so again OOP expense . But at this point, I’m willing to do what we need to do. I really hope he agrees for me to get one done. I just feel that if there is an issue with Tim or my tubes are blocked then what’s the point in even taking the Clomid – it seems it would be a waste of time. Ya know?

So that is what I have mapped out in my head for things to do next. I feel they are all good plans in the sense that it’s been over a year now. Just don’t think we’re ready for the Reproductive Endocrinologist (Fertility Specialist) quite yet.