So I tested this AM as Dr. H instructed. And just as I suspected BFN (Big Fat Negative). That means I can safely stop the Prometrium and AF will (hopefully) arrive soon. So onto another month.  Had a bit of a cry on Tim’s shoulder. Now we’re about to get ready to go shopping at the Southpark Mall! Fun!

Anyways, as I’ve stated before – Can’t believe it’s been a year already of TTC! Most people would have gotten PG in 3 months and would be due any second now. Must be nice. Really wish I could know that feeling of joy and happiness.

Well, it’s time for us to get aggressive with our approach to this. Monday, we are def making that appt for Tim with the Urology Specialist for the testing done on him. Once AF arrives for me, I will make my appt for my Clomid Cyst check and tell Dr. H that I want a HSG done ASAP. I also need to ask how many cycles of Clomid he will do because each Dr. is different – I have seen as little as 3 cycles with most no doing more than 6 cycles total. I am about to start on my 3rd cycle.  I really hope he agrees and will do the HSG for me. I am also hoping they will be able to get me in before I OV next – which is kinda cutting it short but ya never know. If it is after than we have to sit out this cycle which I would not be too happy about.