Went ahead and made the Appt for Tim to go to the Urologist’s Specialist’s. Checked out the Dr’s and chose Dr. M for Tim – Under his interests included Infertility so he seems like the one he needs to go to. From what I understand this will just be the initial 1st appt to go in and discuss things. He will need to go to another Lab and do the Sperm Analysis on another day. I think. I might be wrong. They are going to send out a big packet of info and bunch of forms to fill out! Yeah! I love filling out forms – yes, I know I am weird. But anyways, the appt is June 15th. 🙂 So a little over 3 weeks away. Which works out great because he won’t have to abstain around the time I’m OVing. Plus, we have a million things going on in the next few weeks so we’ll be busy and time will just fly! Appt day will be here before we know it.

AFM, took the last Prometrium last night so AF should be here in a few days. Then it is Appt time for me!

We had a great day yesterday shopping for the Beach trip. It was truly an awesome day spent with Tim. I really enjoyed his company.