Sorry Blog! I have been neglecting you! It’s been a whole week since I wrote last ! Lots have gone on! I will play catch up!

So of course, AF started last week – but it was to be expected. So I had to get a last minute appt with Dr. H on Thursday before the Holiday weekend. I am so thankful that they squeezed me in and everything worked out good. While there we discussed a new plan of action. I will be continuing with the 100mg of Clomid on CD3-CD7. I also will be keeping up with the 200mg of Prometrium starting 3dpo – but he would like me to extend it for longer til like 16dpo – which I think is too long but I’ll do it. And the new plan is that I will be getting the HSG done on CD9 (June 1, 2012) that I wrote about a couple of entries ago… Also, I will be getting an Ultrasound done on CD13 (June 5, 2012) to check out my Ute. & to check out my Follicles – they will be able to give me an idea of when I will be OVing and the size of the follies.

I am getting a bit nervous about the HSG. I hear from some girls that it is painful and some say it wasn’t too bad. Dr. H’s nurse told me to take (4) 200mg Ibuprofen’s before the procedure. I have to go to an X-Ray Office to get this done. She explained how it will go so at least I have an idea of what they will be doing to me. I called my Insurance to see what they will cover and they said it will go towards my Deductible of $3,500 so that means I will paying 100% out of pocket for this. The nurse said to expect it to cost between $800 -$1,000. Fun stuff right there.

So about Insurance – my work just started offering a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). I took full advantage of that! I also maxed it out at the $2,500 – work will be deducting about $72 per paycheck to go towards this account. So the good news is it starts on June 1st which I made sure the HSG was done on so it will be covered under the FSA. The FSA is fully tax deductible. And the plus is that they will put the full $2,500 in right away for me to use on whatever I want. Obviously, I will be putting the HSG & Ultrasound towards this. I know I will be going through the $2,500 so that isn’t an issue that I will loose the money… I know I may have a long road ahead with more Fertility Treatments or if I get PG – it will just go towards those bills. Basically I need to get PG within the next 3 months for these costs to all be under one policy year – Our insurance runs from 6/1/12 to 5/31/13. If I don’t then I will have to pay another $3,500 towards my deductible when the baby would be born because it would be born after the June 1st.

So I’m crossing all crossables because the HSG seems to have a great rate of PG’s for the 1st 3 months after it’s done.

Also, if nothing comes of this cycle then Dr. H wants Tim to be tested so I going to cancel the appt that I already made for Tim. No need paying for the appt when Dr. H can just order up the lab to be done. It will be cheaper this way.

So we went to the beach (Ocean Isle, NC) this past weekend with friends. It was really awesome. I loved the beach house we stayed at and the island. It was really peaceful and quiet. Calm and relaxing. Just what I needed! Someday I would love to go back with our family.