Today I realize how long we’ve been at this. I know so much has happened since our first cycle (we have  my diagnosis and are working to resolve my issues, I’ve learned so much about myself and our marriage is stronger, we now have a plan in place for the time being) and our time to be pregnant will come too, but as I sat and thought today this made me feel like everyone is moving forward with growing their families and we’re still in the same place we were when we started this journey over a year ago. It’s so hard wondering when this will happen for us.

I’ve started to think that maybe our timing isn’t right. God is saying to wait – That now isn’t the right time.   Maybe he wants us a wait til a Due Date would be closer  to or after when Tim will be graduating.  I would really love to be holding our child on that big graduation day. We have worked so hard for Tim to achieve this. My goal had been to have baby #1 before he graduated and then we would start TTC #2 as soon as he graduated. But from the looks of it – we might be lucky to even have a baby that day or even be pregnant at all.

But I am waiting. God says to wait.