I had my HSG on Friday. It hurt pretty bad. Not gonna lie. The 4 Ibuprofen’s didn’t help a bit. After the procedure, when the Radiologist went to go over the X-Ray’s, I had to lay back down as I felt like dizzy. But good news – NO blocked tubes & my Ute. is normal (not reverse or tilted)!! So that was great news! I was really happy to hear that. I went home and just rested with Snugs for the remainder of the afternoon – I was quite crampy & nauseous. We ordered take out from our favorite Asian Restaurant and it was delish!!

I woke up Saturday and felt great! Quick recovery! We went to a friend’s Birthday party and that was really a whole lot ton of fun!!

Tomorrow, I have my Ultrasound to look at my Follicle size and quantity. I am excited to see where we stand in regards to Ovulation. They will let me know how soon I will be Ovulating and how many Follies I have as well. I also have to ask about my P4 test as Dr. H never gave me the slip to get it done and I really want to continue to follow it my levels to make sure they are where they are supposed to be. So I have to remember to ask the nurse or front desk about it…

A bit confused as my OPK yesterday was a bit darker than today’s. So it will be interesting to see what they say tomorrow. I’ll be sure to update!