So today was the Ultrasound! I found out I have 1-26mm & 1-18mm Follicles both on the right. A good size for eggs to be when they are release is around 20-22mm. Dr. H said I should pop the 26mm any second now and the 18mm should release in a day or two. Great news is that everything looked good inside. Dr. H said to get busy for the next 3 days and start the Progesterone on Saturday. I also got the slip to get the P4 test next week Wednesday.

Now the 26mm Follie is a bit questionable. I have read some conflicting info on the internet. Dr. H didn’t seem concerned. I have read on some sites that it’s OK. But then, I read on others that mostly it’s too big and overripe. Meaning the egg inside the Follicle isn’t of good quality and isn’t a mature egg. I have already read that it could be a cyst or start of one. ūüė¶ ¬†I have also read that because it is big that it might be hard for sperm to penetrate the egg for conception. Not good news on that front. So anyways, I am hoping that I release the 18mm as well in a few days. That one is “perfect”. So here’s hoping.

I wonder if this has been an on going issue as well – that my eggs are overripe and therefore make it harder for conception to take place. I do find it coincidental that I got PG when I OV earlier than usual. Makes wonder.

So the only way to “fix” this is to get the Ultrasound earlier in my cycle and get a HCG Trigger Shot when the Follies are about 20mm or so – this will make my body release the egg within 24-36 hours after its given. Dr. H doesn’t do this – I would have to go to the Fertility¬†Specialist/Reproductive Endocrinologist. ¬†I think I am going to talk to Dr. H about going there at my next Appt. if AF arrives. I feel ready to go and feel that time is starting to get too close. I really need to get PG within the next 3 months so that all these expensive appts will be covered under the 1 Insurance Calender.

FX that she doesn’t come and I get my BFP instead and I don’t have to go to the RE.