Well, we are back from vacation to NJ/NY to see my best friend. It was a great trip. Really got to relax a bit and also do some fun stuff. It was nice to have my mind off things and just spend time with Lisa. I really miss doing things with her.

Not really feeling all that hopeful. I am 6dpo – I ended up OVing last Wednesday sometime. My chart is looking pretty miserable. I am barely over my coverline right now. I’m a bit worried that my Progesterone level isn’t going to be all that great as my temps are pretty low right now. I go for my P4 test tomorrow so we’ll know in a few days what the number is.

So right before we left for vacation, I got a letter from Dr. H. It was a letter announcing his retirement. I am quite bummed. I love the care and monitoring I am getting from him – plus it is mostly being covered by insurance. I plan to ask him who he would recommend from the practice to help me with my fertility issues. I will get 1 more cycle with him before he leaves. I am hoping he will still have Tim do a Sperm Analysis too. I really hope that he doesn’t have any issues – I really hope I am the only defunct one. I am just a bit sad because he is an awesome Dr. and knows his stuff – just stinks that he has to retire! At least I got a good few months with him.

So I finally mustered up the courage to call and make the appt with the Reproductive Endocrinologist (Fertility Specialist) –  It was a hard call to make as it made me have to admit that I def have something seriously wrong with me. The earliest they could get me in is July 23rd – I will be seeing a Dr.M at CMC Woman’s Institute. But holy crap 6 weeks away!! When we got home from Vacation – I had a big packet of info in the mail. Good thing I like to fill out forms because they need a TON of info. I also have to call my Dr’s offices and get copies of my records. That should be fun to do! They do take my insurance but I am doubting anything will really be covered – she already told me that I would be talking to a financial person after my Appt with the Dr to discuss payments… Eeeek!! I’m kinda scared to know how much this going to cost us. I got the bill for the Ultrasound and it was $216.

Anyways…. Just really hoping for the BFP before the Appt. so I won’t have to go… That would be perfect timing if I ever say so myself!

Oh yea, I got a free TTC physic reading – she said: SEPT and BOY so this is either birth month, concieve month or the month you find out in. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!