So yesterday was my EDD. It is the last day of my journey that I have been dreading. Hoping that now we have passed it that I will be able to let some things go and be a bit more peaceful and be able to look towards the future.  All in all, the day went OK. Morning was hard but as the day progressed it was a bit more tolerable. Tim took me out for ice cream (my fav!!) last night so that was nice. It seemed like this day was so far away but it sure did creep up fast.

So anyways, I haven’t been too hopeful for this cycle for a few days now. I have zero symptoms and my chart is looking pretty ugly. Dr. H wants me to take the Progesterone til 16dpo so I will do as he instructed and AF will arrive about 4 days after I stop taking it = Sunday. Then I will make my last appt with Dr. H where I will get my 4th Clomid refill. I also plan to ask who he would recommend in his practice for me to switch to. I am also going to discuss Tim getting tested. This I am most excited about as it will let us know if he has an issue as well as I. So basically another cycle down.

I just can’t believe it isn’t our turn yet. I know my tubes are all clear. I am taking Clomid & Progesterone which my levels have been great for a few months now. And we are timing everything perfect. So what gives? I can’t wait to go to the FS. Who am I kidding, I can’t wait to PG with a healthy baby. Someday. I suppose. Maybe.