Mark this day down in history – I am in a good mood! I don’t have many positive days recently so it feels good to be somewhat normal. Maybe it’s the new tea I am drinking. I have found a new obsession with Teavana!! I love it!

So BFN – Boo! So I get to stop the Prometrium and AF should be here in a few days – hoping for Sunday… I’m going to call on lunch today to make my appt for Monday. She should def be here by then and I want to get my refill for Clomid cycle #4. Plus, I want to get Tim in for his analysis ASAP so it doesn’t interfere with my fertile time.

And we went ahead and booked a little mini vacation to Charleston, SC around my Fertile Time for next cycle. Really hoping this does the trick for us to make a baby! Some nice R&R time!! Then I would be able to cancel the appt with the RE – It would be so perfect! I am so excited for a little romantic vaca for us. Really need it! I tell ya! So excited!!!!!