Well a bit of an update is in order. AF arrived Monday AM – just in time for my Dr Appt with Dr. H. It went well. Dr. H was disappointed that I was pregnant and even said he was sorry – it really pulled at my heart strings because I could tell he was concerned. Got my Clomid refill to start my 4th cycle on it. This cycle I will be taking it CD5-CD9 instead of the CD3-CD7 that I have been. Also, Tim will be going for his Analysis on July 5th. I am actually quite nervous and scared about it. I am just sooooo very afraid that he is going to have issues as well as me and then we will have to contend with both of us having babymaking issues. I just feel that since we never get good news why should I even expect his results to come back as normal. I just find it odd that I had my HSG, everything is timed perfectly, I am on Clomid & Prometrium, my levels have been good but yet we aren’t PG yet. It just seems too coincidental that it hasn’t happened yet. Oh well. Time will tell shortly. I said my goodbye and told Dr. H thanks for everything. He recommended another Dr. in his practice so I will changing to Dr. Z once I do get PG. Also, told Dr. H about how I went ahead and made an appt with the RE/FS. He agreed with me that it was time and I felt good about that. Still very sad to see him go because he is just such a great OBGYN and has helped me so much these past few months. He also asked for me to send him a card letting him know when I am PG.

I’ve started to notice lately that I am starting to pack on some pounds. I officially weigh the most that I have in over 4 years. I’m not too happy about it. I figure it is prolly from the Prometrium or Clomid or both. I can’t exactly go out and buy new clothes as these medical bills are going to start to stack up pretty soon. So I guess I need to start working out again (boo!). But I have already read that sometime girls just need to gain a few pounds to get PG. So I just may be lazy and embrace my new weight. I just hope it steadies out and doesn’t keep going up!!

I started to fill out the million page booklet of info that the RE office needs me to fill out. Good lord it’s alot of info. Some questions are pretty hard to answer as well. I also have requested some my medical records from both of my OBGYN’s so I can get that together to send over to them prior to the appt. Less than a month away at this point. A bit scared about how much it is going to cost and where we are going to exactly get the money from.

Tim’s Aunt Kathy is coming to visit us this weekend. She flies in tomorrow. It will be nice to have her here and it will help me to keep my mind off TTC.

Also, still super excited about our Vaca to Charleston!!! Hooray!! It will work out perfectly around my fertile time. I should OV on Monday.