I have great news for once on my Blog that I write here to myself! Tim had his SA and he is deemed “perfectly normal”. They will be sending me the exact numbers in the mail. I am so relived, happy and thrilled. This means that we only have to deal with my issues.

Speaking of issues. I found out I have a new one. When I requested my medical records from Dr. H I of course had to take a peak and noticed that my lining was only 4.6mm last cycle. It is supposed to be >8mm. I am no where near this. What this means is that even if an egg is fertilized it will have nothing to “stick” to with such a thin lining. Clomid is known as a side effect to thin the uterine lining. So I am sure it the Clomid doing it. It just sucks because I finally have the Progesterone issue under control but now I have this new problem to deal with. I plan to ask the RE/FS for Femara which is the same as Clomid but doesn’t have this same side effect. A thin lining can also be helped with Estrogen. For this cycle I am drinking disgusting Pomegrante Juice which is supposed to help as well.

I got a + OPK yesterday so I should OV soon. Less than 2 weeks til the RE/FS appt. I can’t wait. I need to finish filling out the paperwork and I need to call my old OBGYN office to find out about my Medical Records. I have yet to receive them or even hear from them.

We are back from our Vacation to Charleston. It was really great. I loved being busy. I love spending alone time with my hubby. It was really nice and special. A vacation I will never forget!