It has been forever since I last updated. I had a few hard days and now am feeling a bit better. A few updates:

1. My Progesterone level this cycle was 52!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow!!! Way high, right??? I totally figured we did it this time – much to my disappointment. We did not. *insert sad face here* Ugh. I just can’t believe it. The higher level can mean a few things. The meds are working great and/or I OV’d 2 eggs. Because of the higher progesterone I was getting some pretty nice symptoms as well. I really thought we had it in the bag. I was beyond devastated when that stupid 2nd pink line never showed up yet again.

2. My chart was looking great because of the higher progesterone. Again, gave me the false hope that I was actually PG!

3. I had the stupid stomach flu which made me think I was having morning sickness. But once I started to get a fever – I knew it wasn’t from being PG.

4. Still dealing with the HSG billing crap. I got an invoice from them in the mail yesterday and called my insurance and they yet to resubmit the claim. Ugh. So I will be calling them on lunch to discuss my issues.

5. I accidentally forgot to insert my Progesterone last night so therefore it looks like I will be stopping it a bit earlier this cycle. AF should be here by Friday the lastest but it might be up in the air considering my levels were so high this time – it might take a while for them to drop to get AF.  I tested negative on the test yesterday AM so I know I’m not PG. Just will get to the next plan of action.

6. I went to the RE. Oh boy. This is going to be a long update – saving it for last. OK. First off, they are recommending IUI with Femara, mid-cycle ultrasounds & Ovridel (HCG injection – this will make me OV within 24-36 hours after I receive the shot). As soon as AF arrives I have to make my appt to go in and get some things done and they will give me a scheduled detail sheet telling me which days I need to do what.  Which will be nice – I won’t have to think about anything – it will all be done for me!! I am actually thinking of quitting temping!! It will take some stress off me. I will also need to get 2 Estrogen blood levels done each cycle – once before CD3 and again mid-cycle. Tim will need to go in to give his sample 2 hours prior to the IUI procedure. They will then do what is called a “sperm wash”. I haven’t read much about this but from what I remember reading in a book from a few months ago – they separate the strong and weak swimmers somehow. I am sure it is much more technical. Then I go in and they will put Tim’s swimmers in a syringe and insert them right into my uterus. Lots and lots of appt and time. And not to mention lots and lots and lots of money. Which I am quite very nervous about. I really liked the RE – she knows her stuff for sure. She spent a hour with me just talking!! And she answered my millions of questions.

7. The reasons the RE is recommending what she is: She believes that Clomid is not the best drug for me – She believes it is thinning my lining, which happens to about 15% of people and I just happen to fall into that category. But of course! And Clomid is making my fluids too thick and/or drying me up. So she is switching me off Clomid and putting me on Femara. Then we are doing to the mid-cycle Ultrasound to check my lining and follicles. Then we are doing the IUI to bypass my less than desirable fluids and get Tim’s swimmer to right where they need to be. Lots of info!

8. Time is getting to be of the very essence. Our insurance runs from June to June. If we conceive this cycle our baby would be born in late April/early May so we would only have to pay 1 deductible ($3,500) – same with next cycle – we would be due late May/early June so as long the baby isn’t late, it would all fall under 1 deductible. Which would be perfect considering how much we are about to start spending.

9. As of right now, Tim and I made a plan to do 2 IUI cycle rounds in a row. And maybe take a month or 2 on a natural cycle. Dr. M would like to see what my lining looks like normally without any drugs so this is the only way to do it. Plus, it would be nice to keep the costs down. We will see what happens though.

Phew! I think I’m done with this update. As I talk about this IUI I am getting more and more excited about it. I was really sad about it yesterday but I have come to terms now. And think it will be a good thing!!