Af arrived on Friday – of course – her perfect timing means a half hour after my RE office closes. Awesome.  So I went in this AM during their open hours of 6am – 8am.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

Here’s the low down:

I waited for a half hour in the waiting room. The nurse calls me back and we talk in the hallway. She says I need to go to another floor to get Estrogen blood work done. And tells me they will call me between 1 & 3 today to give me the results. I asked her if they are low if they will give me an Estrogen supplement. She says they generally aren’t concerned with it being too low – they are more concerned with it being too high. So, I wasn’t too thrilled about that. Estrogen is supposed to help build the lining & help with cervical fluids. Which I am lacking in both. I def plan to bring this up to the Dr. the next time I see her.

After work, I have to go back to where I just came from to go and pick up the RX from the Pharmacy for Femara. It’s only 3 pills so I will have to break them in half. That is how little of a dose she is giving me. Well see if I get more than 1 Follicle. I won’t feel all that confident going into the IUI with only 1 Follicle. I think 3 would give me a bit better of a chance of this being successful. But what do I know anyways. We’ll just wait and see what the Ultrasound says Follicle wise next week.

So I go to Floor #2 for the bloodwork. RE office is on Floor #5. The girl does my blood work is not so gentle whatsoever. My arm is already starting to bruise and it’s super sensitive. Like it hurts to extend that arm. Not cool. And I have freaking awesome veins. It’s never a problem. I usually can get in and out no issues. Not this time. Not to happy about that.

She said I will prolly go for the mid-cycle Ultrasound on 8/7. But I don’t have an appt or anything stating it will be that day. I have no idea how any of this works. Good news is that they do it early in the AM again so that means that I won’t have to take time off work so I can continue to keep our issues to ourselves. I find this all very private. I am starting to wonder what the RE will do when they do my lining on the ultrasound and find out it’s too thin. I wonder if they will cancel the procedure or if they will try to give me estrogen to help thicken it before we do the IUI. To me, it seems like a waste of our money if we go ahead with it with a thin lining. I feel like I am setting myself up for failure and it’s just a waste of money at that point.

I am also concerned with the length of my AF. So she started Friday at 4:30. I barely had anything Friday night. Then Saturday, she was def around. But then  Sunday I am back to barely having anything. It just doesn’t seem right. It is quite worrisome to say the least. Does not seem normal. And this was the worst it had ever been. Another thing to bring up the the Dr. about it being horrible and lighter than my usual light.

I didn’t get a schedule telling me when we can and can’t BD – so I guess we will just do every other day.

I feel still in the dark with things. I like to know what is going on so I can plan. Because I am a huge planner. Not knowing makes me nervous.

Good news is that I went ahead and made an appt with an acupuncturist here in town. I go Friday after work. She specializes in fertility. I am super excited to go. Hopefully, she can help me with some of my issues. Including my stress and general anxiety about all this.