I went to the Ultrasound this AM – things went well. Really liked the room and the fact that there was a TV screen on the wall in front of me so I could see everything that was going on. The tech was nice and explained everything to me as well. It was pretty cool. So afterwards, the Nurse says Dr. M needs to look everything over and we will give you a call after she does to give you further instructions on what will be going on this cycle.

Well, I ended up having 1 cyst most likely due to the past 4 months of Clomid use – she said it’s somewhat common. So Dr. M said that we need to do an all natural cycle so the cyst will hopefully resolve itself. That means no meds and no IUI this cycle. The meds can cause it to get bigger which is no good at all!! We can still give it an old fashioned college try. So that is the plan for the next month. Not do any medical intervention. Dr. M said that she has seen woman get pregnant on these off cycles. So maybe I will be one of the lucky ones! Here’s hoping!

In a way, I am relieved that I get a nice and relaxing month to just chill before we pull out the big guns named IUI. I’m not temping and prolly won’t do OPK’s. Just gonna let nature do it’s thing and see how it pans out. Then in another way, I am a bit sad that we aren’t doing the IUI as this is our last cycle to get the chance to only pay 1 deductible. Looks like we’ll have to pay the 2. Oh well. I can’t change the unchangeable. I need to just deal with it.

If AF shows (really hoping she stays away and I get a BFP instead!!!) then I have to go back before CD3 to get my estrogen bloods tested and an ultrasound to make sure the cyst is gone.

Oh yea, my estrogen was 101. Pretty high!

Still keeping the Acupuncture appt Friday. Getting more and more excited as it gets closer.