Waiting for this, waiting for that. I feel like I am always waiting for something… Today I am just waiting on OV to happen so I can get on with the 2ww. I am CD 12. Should be by the end of the weekend at the latest.

I started OPK’s today. Def. negative so I don’t think I’m too close. Gonna just BD every other day anyways.

I’ve been able to remain quite calm, cool and relaxed. Feels good. Also trying to be more positive as well.

Acupuncture went wonderful. I loved it and loved the girl that did it. I already can’t wait to go back on Saturday. She wants me to try/change somethings:

1. No more dairy. Eeeeeekkkk! We eat ice cream every night. And I love me so cheese as a snack. This is going to suck. I started it on Friday. So far so good.

2. No more refined sugars. So I have to stay away from white rice, white sugar and baked goods like cake and cookies. This one isn’t so bad.

Those are the 2 things to work on. It’s going to be hard and a bit challenging – esp the dairy one but I’ll continue with it and  it will all be worth it in the end. At least I keep telling myself that.