So it seems AF might actually be on her way. She is quite late. I am quite annoyed. I think the stupid cyst is making her delayed. I just want to move onto next cycle. I want to start the IUI. I also want to know if the cyst is gone. It better be. I am going to be so incredibly upset if it is still there and I have to do another all natural aka waste of time cycle again. I just wish my body would do something right. It can’t do one thing the way it is supposed to. I just want to be normal.

Not really much to update. Same old same old. I’m bitter, impatient and sad that this isn’t happening for us. I don’t understand. This is not how it was supposed to be. I am just so devastated on a daily basis. I am starting to wonder if this will ever happen for us. I feel nothing ever works out for us. I just so sick of it. I am sick of living my life in 2 week increments.

But Acupuncture is going great. I am really loving it. She gave me some Traditional Chinese Medicine to start once AF gets here. They are herbs called jia wei xiao yao san.

Going to go to Yoga on Saturday. So that will be nice. I could use it.

I started a new dinner thing. It is called The Fresh 20. It is a meal plan. Really awesome actually – I am doing our 2nd week of it and LOVE it. It is so easy. Basically on Friday they send me 5 dinner recipes and a grocery list consisting of only 20 items. You make those 5 dinners with those 20 items. It makes food shopping so easy and I know what we’ll be having. I’m not struggling to figure out what to make and going to the store everyday. It is saving money. And everything we have made has been so delicious as well. It is giving me something to look forward to and keeps my mind off things.

Anyways. Gotta run.