Well, AF showed her ugly face on Thursday. Went to the RE’s office on Friday AM during their open hours (6-8am). Which is great bc I can get everything done before work and no one will ask about all the Dr. Appts  I have to go to.  Got Estrogen bloods done and an Ultrasound. Ultrasound showed the cyst was still there but had shrunk. So last month it was 37mm and yesterday it was 22mm. I had to wait to see what my bloods showed to find out what was happening this cycle. Well, I waited and waited and waited. The nurse finally called me back after lunch around 1. My Estrogen levels came back great!! I could start the Med’s and IUI!!!

I went after work to pick up the meds. I budgeted $200 for all the meds I needed. Femara, Ovridel & Progesterone. Fertility drugs are not covered by my crappy insurance so I have to pay the cash price for them – and because they aren’t covered by my insurance – the money I pay doesn’t go towards the deductible either. Ugh. I was beyond excited when it came to only $56!! I couldn’t believe it. The hospital pharmacy has some great prices!! You go CMC!!

Anyways, I am super freaking excited to get this show on the road! I am beyond ready! IUI here I come!!

Really hoping that this 1st IUI is all it takes. It is costing us an arm and a leg. (Hopefully, it’ll be 2 little baby arms and 2 little chunky baby legs!!)

Ready to have our little family!