Well, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve last updated! Lots and lots have gone on. I feel bad for neglecting my blog/journal!

The cycle has been going good for the most part. Did the Femara on CD3-CD7. I had an ultrasound last Friday where they found 3 >10mm follicles on my left and 1 >10mm follicle on my right. They told me to come back Tuesday, which was yesterday.

So I go back yesterday and they find 1 14mm follicle on my left and 22mm follicle on my right. Great news is that my lining was 8.9!!! I was so happy about that. I have had some issues in the past with a too thin lining. So I am very happy about that. They told me to do the trigger shot of Ovidrel last night at 10pm. You are supposed to OV 24-36 hours after the injection. I did it in my tummy (good thing I’ve gained a few pounds!) and it honestly wasn’t all that bad at all. The needle was thin. No problems at all.

Tim goes in tomorrow at 8am to do his portion and I go in at 10am for the actual IUI. I am quite nervous.

I am so nervous that I may have already OV’d or am about to soon. I took a OPK yesterday around 8pm and it was pretty darn close to being positive – usually for me that means that I will OV the next day. I never get a true positive til the day of OV. Sucks for me. But I used a cheapie OPK which sometimes throws me off. So I don’t know.

I woke up today and have had the worst achey feeling on my right side which is where the 22mm follicle is all morning. I am so scared that I am going to OV it soon. And then the IUI and money will all be a waste.

Well, here’s hoping that the egg stays put for a little while longer. Hopefully, I’m just feeling some after effects of the Ovidrel or I am just having some ovulation pains before ovulation. I did pull out the old trusty BBT to see what my temp was like today – it is a normal pre-OV temp. I really hope tomorrow’s is around the same. That would be perfect. But I am honestly not all that hopeful. Since the aches have eased up since the AM – I am sure I already OV’d and timing would be all off for this 1st IUI.

Putting all my trust into the RE. I know they do this all the time. I am just being a nervous nelly.