Well, things didn’t go as well as I hoped in the last post. I am pretty positive that I OV’d before I even had the stupid IUI. I had all those pains around 10am  – they went away later in the afternoon. And my temp went up the next day. I had the IUI that AM of the temp raise. What a waste of time and money. The egg was for sure already dead by the time I had the IUI done.  IUI are supposed to be done either 6 hours prior or 6 hours after OV. Mine was done like 24 hours after. Pffftttt. Story of my life. As always, it doesn’t work out. Not surprised bc nothing ever does.

I’m 7dpo and know for sure that I am out. I am due to test on Monday. It will for sure be a BFN. My positivity in this TTC endevour is non-existent. I feel like TTC has completely broken my spirit.

And of course I am set to OV next cycle when we have to be in Buffalo for a wedding. So I am making arrangements with an RE there in case I need it. As long as things go the exact same as this cycle then I should be able to get the IUI done on the morning that we fly out. I feel that is cutting things a bit too close.  But you never know and since I am such an obsessive planner – I have a back up plan.