So the RE I am going to is at CMC Woman’s Institute. However, I will be leaving. Promptly. And I will never use another CMC  based facility ever again. I have always stuck with Presbyterian and will continue to stick with them for a long time.

I called the RE’s office to talk to the financial counselor as I noticed the IUI posted on my insurance website. I needed to ask if DH’s portion was billed under that or if he will be getting a separate bill. Anyways, come to find out, I have a few bills that will be coming my way to the tune of $3,516 that I was totally not expecting. So you ask, what are these charges for? They are for the Hospital’s portion of the services I received. So because CMC Woman’s Institiute is a part of the Hospital – they will need to charge me as well as the Physician. Which I have already paid $500 for this cycle alone. So there are 2 components – Physician Fees & Hospital Fees. Glad n0 one told me this til it was too late!! I even went and talked to the Financial Counselor after my 1st RE visit on 7/23. There was not a single mention of these Hospital Fees. She also gave me a estimated cost for the IUI procedure and services. The estimate was only for the Physician Fees. And I looked it over thoroughly the other day and there is nothing on the sheet that says that Hospital Fees are separate or any warning or anything. How was I supposed to know this? Anyways, I am beyond livid. How are we supposed to come up with this extra money? We had expected to pay this amount for 3-4 IUI’s not 1!!! According to that good faith estimate it was only supposed to be about $1,000. Well we will end up spending over $4,000 for 1 stupid IUI that I don’t think worked anyways because timing was off. I feel like I was totally and completely misled. I am beyond pissed off. I cried all night because it such a financial blow for us. That is alot of money for us to spend! We could have gone on a very nice vacation for that price. I am deeply upset.

The half way decent news is that CMC Woman’s Institite is offering a 25% discount if we don’t run the claims through the insurance. Now I know my insurance, Wellpath, will not cover a dime of these costs as they are all coded as Infertility. And basically Wellpath sucks balls. So we are taking advantage of the discount. I guess it is better than nothing. So it brings it down to $2,637. Whoopeee. Not!!

So I will be leaving CMC Woman’s Institute as there is no way in hell we can keep up with $4,000 IUI cycles. REACH (Reproductive Endocrinologist Associates of Charlotte) is holding a free seminar on 9/25 – basically an open house to talk to the RE’s and talk to Financial Counselors. This is the only other RE in town. I signed us up for it to get an idea of how much everything will cost through them. REACH does not take our insurance at all (Not like CMC took it either) so we will paying 100% out of pocket for our expenses. I already made an appt with Dr. K at REACH for 9/27 @ 2:00pm so looks like we are going to move forward and not stop to try to save up some more money before trying again.

I’m supposed to test on Monday (12dpo) but am thinking of testing early on Sunday. So I can stop the Progesterone sooner and OV sooner so I won’t be cutting it so close to leaving for Buffalo. I still want to do the IUI next cycle despite these sets back. I guess all going to depend on how much it will cost and if we an afford it right away. Ugh. So frustrating. I can’t wait til I can post something positive on this blog.