Well, I ended up getting everything straightened out at CMC. My bill will be for only $1,500. So not so bad in the end I suppose. I won’t be going to REACH.

ANDDDDD drum roll please…..

I GOT MY BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg! I can’t believe it! I am so shocked! I can’t believe it is my turn! My feelings are still remaining guarded. I’m scared to get too attached only to be crushed again. I am feeling very positive and optimistic about this one though! Really hope this is our rainbow take home baby!

So I tested yesterday and got a line. I called the RE’s office and left a message for the nurses to call me back with what I needed to do. I got a call shortly later. The asked me to come in for a HCG Beta and to check my Progesterone levels. I got the results in the afternoon and my HCG was 62 and P4 was 30. I was 12dpo. Great numbers! I just have to go back tomorrow to do the same tests again to make sure my levels are doubling every 48 hours. I’ll update tomorrow with the numbers!

I’m so excited! Please God let this be my baby! Holy cow – I’m pregnant!!